There are many activities of the Funding Association, it is still young, but in constant growth.

Only a few important points are here presented:

1. Scholarships awarded to musicians

With the income from membership fees, is the Funding Association able to make every year possible the participation of some exceptionally talented musicians, which due to high travel costs and not enough financial means would not be able to take part at the IJOA. The students come from South Africa, Poland, Armenia, South Korea, Bulgaria, Australia and Ukraine.

Thanks to the scholarships, can musicians from financially unprivileged backgrounds, who couldn't pay the fees to take part at the IJOA and international artists, who have a long and expensive trip, can be at the Akademie brought together and enrich it with talent and internationality.


2. Organizing concerts

The Funding Association has also set itself the goal to organize concerts in Bayreuth in favor of the IJOA. For example, the Closing Concert of the International Masterclass in Pleystein was co-organized by the Funding Association.


3. Organizational support at the concerts of the Bayreuther Osterfestival

For this task anyone, man or woman, can help: the members of the Association help, for example, at the entrance of the concerts, selling charity-CDs and recruiting new members. Here, every helping hand is welcome.


4. Expansion of the network

The network function of the Funding Association is very important: the members through their own contacts bring new sponsors, donors and volunteers. In times of empty public coffers and the increasing reduction of the cultural sector, this is vital for the continuance of the festival.



Helping with these and many other unnamed tasks, contributes the Funding Association to improve the Osterfestival and therefore, can also be increased the support for children with cancer at the Klinikum Bayreuth.

Support our crowd funding

To support applicants who can't afford the participation costs, we're running a crowd funding campaign. With the donated money we can enable the young musicians to be part of our academy 2019.

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