The Cultural and Social Foundation INTERNATIONALE JUNGE ORCHESTERAKADEMIE (IJOA) have three main goals

First, to bring together every year through the reunion of great young musicians an excellent ensemble with a unique timbre.
Second, to give extremely talented musicians from all over the world the opportunity to get together, learn and make music, and as an outcome, to contribute to mutual understanding between the nations.
Third, to harvest the financial fruit of this musical work - the resulting income from the concerts and CDs - to help children with cancer and other serious illnesses, facilitate and contribute to the recovery of young patients.

The main goal is to overcome the low public budget from nowadays and help the supported children’s hospitals to pull through some problems - and therefore its young patients through their suffering too.
Having in mind the continuing, or more recently, the open hostilities between European and Middle Eastern countries, the main target of the Foundation is to bring together young people from many nations, so together they can learn and work. That is a project of great importance.
The focus of the dedication of the young musicians is the work of great composers, the highest occidental world cultural heritage. The “big” concerts are complemented with appearances of chamber music groups, jazz and brass ensembles and salon orchestras.
The pillars of the work of the IJOA are the sponsors and the private donors, which carry the “cost” of the Foundation. Also essential are the volunteer teachers, who take care of the musical training of the students.
This is the best way to make an ultimately unprofitable “business” culture result into a financial contribution for severely children.

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