IJOA 2009 - Tuttiprobe in Pleystein. Photo: Gerhard Büchner

The INTERNATIONALE JUNGE ORCHESTERAKADEMIE (IJOA) is an internationally assorted orchestra which has played more than 540 concerts in Germany and Europe over the last 24 years. The Academy is annually casted by an international tendering and consists of 100 to 120 young musicians from more than 30 nations.

During the rehearsals the symphonic program is - next to the tutti rehearsals - intensively studied with renowned coaches for each instrument (private tuition is possible after prior arrangements). Rehearsals will be held in Pleystein, a small idyllic village facing a 800 years old history.

IJOA 2011 - Symphoniekonzert im Volkshaus Jena. Photo: Gerhard Büchner

In Bayreuth until 2009 the orchestra has played in the eldest existing wooden baroque theater, the Margravial Opera House. Because of renovation works the concerts unfortunatelly are now taking place in other venues.

Dress rehearsals and concerts are accompagnied by a recording team. A CD will be produced. Concerts and CDs have inspired a great public of thousands of guests and the press has been very enthusiastic over the past years.

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